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Our Mission

We will open your gateway to the world of TRADING with money that you have not suspected yet.

Money trading is becoming more popular every day around the world. Unbelievable amount of money, tremendous liquidity, and the opportunity to make big money make money trading unambiguously at the top of the financial sector.

“Efexa1000” is an international trading company dealing ONLY with the provision of services on the forex market. We provide access to the interbank forex market, including major and smaller world currencies

The “Efexa1000 ”group is composed of highly qualified specialists chosen from applicants all over the world. By combining optimal trading conditions and superior customer service, we strive to enable our clients to achieve their trading goals and make their cherished dreams come true.

At Efexa1000”, we believe in every company and individual’s virtually endless potential for growth, and enabling this growth is what we do best.