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About Us

“Efexa1000” is the ONLY international business company that quickly and efficiently executes your orders on the basis of a contractual relationship with the largest liquidity providers and banks in the Forex market. “Efexa1000” is RESPONSIBLE to immediately send your orders to third parties. We only get fees from your trades. The better you trade ,the better for us so “Efexa1000” and the Client are mutually interconnected, both-profitable business.

Efexa1000 is rapidly emerging as a leader in the forex industry especially for big investors and partners. To see how you can start making money on forex, open a demo account with us and start trading today!

Efexa1000 Ltd. is registered trademark, licensed international business company register under number 24110 IBC by Financial service authority in KINGSTOWN – Saint Vincent and Grenadines . EFEXA1000 Ltd.

EFEXA1000 LTD. has the right to manage financial assets, carry on brokerage activity, make deals and conduct transactions in currency, stock and futures markets.